Friday, August 01, 2008

Portland Cello Project

Just discovered the Portland Cello Project, via largehearted boy, a legal free music download blog (which I also just discovered).

What a great example of a "post-classical" approach to music making, marketing, highly eclectic, multi-genre programming, alternative venues, etc. And, reading the member bios, some great examples of dual-career musicians: doing something else you also love for much of your living, and playing music professionally.

Largehearted boy Portland Cello Project links
Portland Cello Project MySpace page


Justin Kagan said...

Thanks for posting up about us...good thing some of the PCPers among us watch blogs more attentively than I. Owing to my participation from the halcyon days when we just geekily got together to play cello quartets to the burgeoning concept that is now titularly Portland Cello Project, with and impending CD release on Aug 8 and countless sold-out shows all over town, I haven't communicated with you much on the ICS. Perhaps this is a better venue to reach a cello brother after all, and I promise to pay better attention.
Thanks again

Eric Edberg said...

You're welcome, Justin, and I was really delighted to discover the PCP site. FYI, I set up a Google Alert which sends me an email once a day with everything that's appeared on the web with "cello" in it, and that's how I spotted it.

I love ICS but so much devolves into fingerpointing, etc., and I also just like having my own space.

Anyway, great to know you guys spotted the post!

Kimberly said...

I love both sites!! I wasn't aware of either so thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
The Portland Cello Project Site is so visually pleasing that its a treat.
Eye candy of a different sort.