Friday, August 01, 2008

Edberg's Positivity Blog

Except it's not by me.

Henrik Edberg writes the increasingly popular Positivity Blog, well-worth checking out if, like me, you are into self-improvement/personal responsibility/personal transformation ideas.

He is almost certainly no blood relation, since my great-grandfather was assigned the name "Edberg" by the Swedish army in the late 19th century, and soon thereafter emigrated to the U.S., but I would be happy to appoint Henrick an honorary relative. Who says you can't choose your relatives? LGBT people (like me, I have no idea about Henrik) have been creating families of choice for years, especially when biological families are unaccepting/unaffirming. And it's not just LGBT people; there are plenty of straight people who treat me as family, and vice-versa.

So there. He's now "cousin Henrik," like it or not. (My father declared the tennis great Stefan Edberg "cousin Stefan" when he first became famous, and we used to joke about contacting "cousin Stefan" about investing in a Strad, which he would then lend to cousin Eric.)

"Cousin" Henrick's blog is great. He's even found great sayings from Mozart to riff on.

I have been a fan of self-improvement literature since my teens, and it's great to see someone (especially an Edberg, even if I don't actually know him yet) working to inspire and empower people, and doing well with a blog. Judging from the ads, he must be making some decent money from it, too. Way to go.

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