Saturday, November 04, 2006

GMA Story on Haggard

Ah, YouTube.

Here's the Good Morning America story on the Haggard scandal (the opening clip, from the documentary Jesus Camp, was evidently added by the poster), including another pastor at the church explaining Haggard had admitted to "some indescretions" and also clips of the escort being interviewed, and playing voice mail messages that sound exactly like Haggard and which clearly reference repeated meth (or other drug) buys. That alone--no wonder he resigned from his NAE post immediately and his church is investigating.

The sexual fantasy Jones (the now former escort) says Haggard spoke of--having an orgy with half a dozen college-age guys--sounds quite predictable for someone who had deeply repressed and bracketed off a large part of his sexuality since he was that age or younger. Watching Jones, he seems confident and open, and his words ring true to me. Haggard wears a phony smile in just about every clip I've seen, both before and after the scandal broke.

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