Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fall colors and noise pollution

One of the WORST inventions ever invented is the leaf blower. What horrible noise pollution! Now the fall colors bring sonic annoyance with them. I suppose if I had a soundproof house it might be better, or if I lived in a neighborhood with fewer tress. Meanwhile, urrrrrrrrrrrgh.


Anonymous said...

Yes. We've had a glorious fall here (near the SC/western NC border), with more color than I've seen in a while. But the noise is annoying - and often seems so pointless. People blow leaves into the street, and the wind, draft from cars, etc. send them back into the yards. Rake 'em up and compost them, people!

Anonymous said...

Contrast that sound with one of the most pleasant sounds of all-- a corn broom sweeping leaves off a sidewalk. Darn you, internal combustion technology!

Eric Edberg said...

The march of technology is not always for the better.