Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bye, John

The embarassment of living in a district represented by John Hostettler is coming to an end. And he was trounced, 61-39, in a district gerrymandered to be Republican, in a historically Republican state. The video below, starting at about 3:00, shows just one example of why his defeat is such a relief.


Terry said...

My concern is that Republicans will say it's the war, or their stands on specific issues like gay marriage, or whatever, that may come to them honestly. I'm sure they still don't get it. For me, and I'm sure many more like me, it's the profound lack of integrity we have seen from our elected officials in that party. Such hypocrites!

Eric Edberg said...

Good point, Terry. There's the issue of integrity, and to many of us, also of competence. Like many gay men with a liberterian bent, there are things about the conservative principles (especially fiscal ones) that the Republican party used to embrace--like balanaced budgets.

Not a fan of Amanda said...

She's bloody rude. I saw her in concert last night and each time the guest concert master stood up.. she turned her head and started chatting with the muscian next to her. Ottawa can do without her