Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dawkins and Haggard

Just found this interview between the arch-athiest Richard Dawkins and Rev. Ted Haggard on Andrew Sullivan's blog. It's a marvelous insight into the worldview of a fundamentalist/evangelist who can talk himself into denying overwhelming scientific evidence (in this case, about evolution). And, even in the interview, I believe I can see a deep, smoldering underlying rage--a rage that evidently flared up in the post-interview action and comments Dawkins describes.

Watching this brought right to mind The Velvet Rage, a book which (while its author seems unaware of how narrow his white, upper-middle class perspective is) taught me an incredible amount about myself, and which, despite its flaws, helps one understand and empathize with people whose lives are built around compensating for a deep sense of shame.

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