Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why Are There So Few Cello Blogs?

I'd like to know. Technorati lists only 14 with "cello" as a keyword, two of them mine. And only one other, Cellomania, blogs regularly about cello-specific issues.

What, are we cellists that traditional?


Guanaco said...

Thanks for listing my blog on your links! I look forward to reading both your blog and your blook in progress. Who knows, we might even meet in CelloChat one day?


Scott Spiegelberg said...

Ruth's Meanwhile here in France is a good cello blog. You should find it particularly interesting, as she regularly writes about playing Baroque cello.

Jayme T Hunt said...

Hi Eric!

Had I but known about Technorati, my site would have been linked before. I'm at, where there's a variety of things, including updates on how I'm (34 years old, but 1 year old to the cello) doing and how my niece (6 years old, but 7 months old to the cello) is doing. I also include information about resources we find useful, like your site. :)
Thanks for your videos!

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