Thursday, March 30, 2006

Two-Fingered Cello Playing

A great story: Brain Sanders is graduating from Eastman--a very prestigious music conservatory--and has only two left fingers. Hey! I've never really been happy with my fourth finger--maybe I should just stop using it. (Didn't Jesus suggest cutting off a body part that offends you? Well, that sounds a bit expensive.)

Anyway, now all of us cello teachers will be able to use Brian as an example to our unfortunate students who don't practice enough, are feeling sorry for themselves, making excuses, etc. "And Brian Sanders got into Eastman and graduated as a performance major with only TWO fingers!"

It's an inspiring story and great way to start the day.


Quick correction: Brian has all his left fingers. It's the right hand that has only two.

Reminds me of the oft-repeated story of Janos Starker telling a gifted but undisciplined student in a master class, "Too bad you can't cut off your hands and give them to someone more deserving."

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