Friday, December 02, 2005

Power of Music

A close family friend passed away Tuesday morning after a short but horrific illness. 54 years old, Mary Field was one of the most wonderful women I've ever known. There's been an extraoridnary outpouring of love, gratitude, and grief. This was a woman who had touched the lives of nearly everyone in our small college town.

I played at this morning's memorial service, along with my colleagues Allison Edberg (violin) and Claude Cymerman. Before the service, we played the slow movement of the Schubert B-flat Trio, then I played some solo Bach. We finished the prelude with the slow movement of the Mendelssohn C minor Trio. During the service we played the slow movement of the Mendelssohn D minor trio, and as a Postlude we played the finale of the Schumann D minor trio.

After the service, in which there were four moving tributes to Mary, many people told me the music was the "best," the most moving part. The part that made things seem a little less awful. One said, "I don't believe in God, except when I listen to music."

It reminded me of how powerful music is. Of how lucky we are to have it. And of how lucky I am to be a musician.

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