Saturday, December 03, 2005

Here in NY. Starting With an Evening of Drones

I've arrived in NY for 10 days of concert-going, whioch starts tonight with Charles Curtis's performance of "Just Charles and Cello in the Romantic Chord" by LaMonte Young. First in a series of concerts called "Waking States," described here. A description of tonight's piece:

for solo cello, pre-recorded cello drones and light projection3 hours, 30

An extraordinary solo of more than three hours continuous
length, and
the only solo work composed by La Monte Young for a performer
other than
himself. Combining elements of Young's magnum opus The Well-Tuned
Piano with
raga and Dream Music, and a beautiful, subtly changing light
projection by
Marian Zazeela, this is one of the definitive statements of
these great artists'
work. Charles Curtis is the leading intepreter of
Young's music; in performance
he realizes the highly abstract just
intonation interval ratios with
unprecedented precision. Of Curtis' premiere
performance at the MaerzMusik
festival in Berlin 2004, Wire magazine writes:
"Playing to a hypnotic cello
drone issuing from the loudspeakers beside him,
he built up a shimmering
minimalistic tableau that made for compulsive
listening throughout his three
hour performance."

These performances
represent the American avant-premiere,
following World Premieres and
performances in Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Dijon and
Polling, Germany.
Should be fascinating. I love drones. I think I'm going to love this.

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