Thursday, June 21, 2007

Isserlis on the Bach Suites

Steven Isserlis, the Brit cellist so many American posters in the ICS Cello Chat love to hate (and whose recordings I've long admired), has recorded the Bach Suites. You can read his interesting liner notes (free reg. required) and also this very readable Guardian article by him. (Thanks to Guido and Zedebee, respectively, for the links.)


Mike Lunapiena said...

I thought his cd notes were quite interesting... makes me want to go buy the cd (if only I had the money right now...)

cool guy with a very unique, idiosyncratic approach to music

Eric Edberg said...

I'm in a phase of life now in which I'm trying to avoid listening to cello recordings, esp. of standard rep., so I really stick to my own ideas and don't consciously or unconsciously imitate. (But I love cello recordings so much it's hard to stick to this particular diet.) I totally sympathize with your point about the money!

Anonymous said...

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