Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My website--fully functional again

Back in January or December, before I went on my internet detox program, I noticed that the amount of server space and bandwidth I was alloted by my web host, Ipower, was much smaller than they were offering new customers for the same amount I pay. So I sent them an email, and they said they'd be happy to up my quotas, but they would have to move my site to a different machine. I could backup and reinstall my files on the new server myself, or pay them $50 to do it for me.

It really seemed to me that they should do it for free, but it wasn't a battle I felt like fighting. So I decided to do it myself. Well, of all the times to be conservative with my money, this was one of the worst. I hadn't organized the photos and sound files and video files, etc., in an intelligent way on my own hard drive, so they were a pain in the rear end to find. And I had built the site on the server using Frontpage, but I couldn't use Frontpage extensions on the new server until it was up and running, and blah, blah, blah. So a lot of the links got screwed up and other things always seemed more pressing.

Hell froze over last night. It have, because for the first time since I joined the faculty in 1988, DePauw University cancelled all classes because of winter weather. So with a snow day on my hands, and not feeling like going sledding, I got the site sorted out again.

It's neater and more streamlined than the last incarnation. As I said in my last post, I need a bunch of good pictures. But at least it's possible to download the video and audio files again.

And I managed to practice in the midst of all this, too!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. Can you say a little about gay faculty at DePauw? It strikes me as a conservative campus and I am really wondering what it's like being out there. Do some professors live near campus with their same-sex partners? Thanks for any feedback you may have on this!