Friday, December 22, 2006

Teaching kids, living in fear

From an anonymous poster, commenting on Dealing with the Baggage:

I am a gay elementary school teacher, and let me tell you, I work in an unbelievably hostile environment. I am NOT safe, and the proven positive results I have attained at work DO NOT make my job secure. All of the work I've done could be ripped away from me at any moment, and I feel positive that absolutely no one would be willing to defend me. I don't mean to be overly negative about this, but I'm telling the truth.
The essay to which he's responding focused in part on the horrible effects of government-sanctioned propaganda, particularly that which defined homosexuality in men as a "sickness" and equated it with pedophilia and ephebophilia (attraction to teenagers) and a compulsion to act on such feelings. The effects, and those of the rhetoric of Religious Right alarmists and those pandering to them, are very much still with us.

The man who wrote this comment is probably a great guy who has a gift for teaching children and is making a positive impact on their lives.

And he lives in fear.

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