Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Fond Farewell to 2006

A quick note before I go off to a couple of New Year's Eve parties.

We often use January 1 as a time to make "resolutions," which most of us tend not to keep very long. I have made one resolution--to switch to a (primarily) vegan diet. I'm overweight and a prime candidate for diabetes, given my large belly and family history.

A long-ago friend recently got in touch with me and in the catching-up phase of our email exchange said he's had a great life since we last saw each other 28 years ago. I loved that--a "great life"! So much of the time I am focused on what's wrong with my life. So inspired by my friend, I thought I'd use tonight and tomorrow to celebrate the year that past.

  • My teenagers are in great health, have wonderful friends, are doing great in school, are wonderful musicans and actors, and one dances and the other swims. Neither drinks nor smokes nor seems to have any built-up resentments against their mother or I. How did that happen!
  • My parents are in good health, and my mother is starting to enjoy her retirement.
  • My brother-in-law had a horrible stroke that we thought would kill him or leave him severely mentally and physically disabled. In a near-miracle, he's walking and conversing intelligently and continuing to make great strides in his recovery.
  • I've made many new friends through my improvisation work, organized a successful summer chamber music series, and had one of the best musical years ever.
  • I love teaching more than ever, too.
Oh, I just realized I've blogged one of those Christmas letters.

Life is good. Celebrate the joys in your own life, and Happy New Year!


Elaine Fine said...

Congratulations on deciding to become at least a partial vegan. I have been one for nearly a year and a half. I rarely get sick (and never more than a cold), don't over eat, and have become a far better cook than I was when I cooked with animal proteins and fats. There are a whole bunch of excellent cookbooks that will keep you happy. Contrary to what some die-hard carnivores will tell you, you don't need to eat meat to have a good vibrato.

Eric Edberg said...

Thanks, Elaine. And thank goodness I won't lose my vibrato!

Day one of the vegan diet went well until I went to the New Year's Eve party, had a glass of wine, and then succumbed to the chicken/broccoli casserole. Today, so far so good.

It's going to be a transition. But as I approach 50, the growing liklihood of diabetes and heart disease are strong motivators.