Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Song About Having Two Dads

Here's today's LGBT-friendly Youtube. My kids are lucky that their circle of friends is composed primarily of other kids of enlightened/liberal university professors, so they haven't suffered the sort of harrassment that many kids with a gay parent or parents do.

This video seems a little hokey, in that very commercial teenybop sort of way. But it still touched me. Dutch television must be more interesting in some ways than that in the U.S.


Anne-Lise said...

This video is from ´Kinderen voor kinderen´, a choir that has produced an album every year since 1980, filled with songs about things that matter to children.
The interesting thing is that gay couples cannot, or couldn´t until recently, adopt children in The Netherlands, although gay marriage was legal and official. A comedain over here and his husband, went to the US to adopt their children.

Eric Edberg said...

What a strange irony about same-sex couples not being able to adopt. Here in the states, of course, there is so much anti-gay hysteria on the right that many kids end up in a string of foster homes or institutions instead of being with two loving people who really want to raise a child.

It's wonderful that the choir does this sort of thing. There are so many kids with gay or lesbian parents who suffer harrassment because of it. My kids have been very fortunate that their friends have been very supportive.