Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sleeping and Lugging

I haven't been to a concert since the NY Phil on Thursday. There isn't that much going on right now that I'm desperate to hear.

And the main purpose of this trip is not attending concerts but preparing performances with modern dancer Robin Becker. Catching up on SLEEP is also a high priority. I realized recently that I was genuinely sleep deprived. Staying up too late writing here and on the Internet Cello Society Web Forums, and often falling asleep without hooking myself up to the machine which squirts air in my nose to keep me breathing at night (I have that pesky obstructive sleep apnea).

Robin's been creating a new solo, to my original music, which I've been creating along with her as her choreography evolves. A fascinating if frustrating and anxiety-provoking process!

I'm using a "looping pedal" (which enables one to record a background to be played back continuously while one plays over it) a pickup mic, and a amp. All this involves new logistical challenges. It's hard enough getting around the big city with a cello. Add the 22-lb. amp and UGH! I now wish I were back in Indiana where I can drive and park everywhere.

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