Monday, January 23, 2006

Carnegie Deli

Hmm. From blogging deprivation to two in one day.

While Kath's home computer won't let me post, there's no problem at her office, where I am currently cooling my heels waiting for her to be ready to leave. A bit of inter-office drama is going on. An underling has left without giving Kath some important material needed for an equally important meeting first thing tommorrow. While Kath works to track down the missing work, stopping by to fume from time to time, I'm web surfing and cathcing up on email.

And getting hungrier by the minute!

I had a late lunch (around 4:00 PM) at the famous Carnegie Deli on 7th Avenue. I hadn't been there for years, partially because I'd heard it had gone downhill a bit, and also because the average sandwich price around $20. I was going to have lunch at the Brooklyn Diner on 57th Street, but because I was just me they wouldn't put me in a window booth, most of which were empty like the rest of the tables in the place. While I like the food there very much, I am tired of being told I can't sit in a booth, or a window booth, when a restuarant is virtually empty. So I walked down to the Carnegie for old time's sake, even if it would mean spending $20 or more for a sandwich.,

Hey! I got a corned beef on rye for only $15. Seemed like a bargain, and it was great. Also had the best potato pancake of my life. OK, a potato pancake, a corned beef sandwich, a cup of coffe, and the free pickles came to about $25--but it was delicious, and fun, and I enjoyed the atmosphere.

Now Kath is ready to go and impatient with me. Ciao for now, and happy eating.

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