Thursday, November 06, 2008

Always more to do than can be done

Well, I missed posting two days in a row by about three hours. it's about 3:00 Am, and I'm just finishing up some overdue work.

Like many college professors, I live in a constant state of having more to do than can be done. This isn't unique to my profession, of course. For a long time it made me quite anxious. I recently read somewhere that this is how it is for many people; we often have so many projects and appointments and meetings that it's just not possible to stay on top of everything.

Since I accepted that as a reality, two things have happened. First, I relaxed a good bit. Second, I began to feel less overwhelmed, and started getting more things done.

Today had a class, a coaching, a ton of advising meetings, and hours and hours on a overdue course proposal. It's submitted, and now I surrender for the night.

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