Saturday, April 21, 2007

Johnny and Me

Well, I'm having a musical fling with (to my surprise) Johnny Cash. The other afternoon I was relaxing before a concert and HBO or Showtime had the biopic Walk the Line on. I've always found the occasional bits of Cash songs I've heard on the radio to be powerfully eloquent. But the classical-snob in me still had a grip on what allowed myself to listen to.

Steve Jobs and everyone else who designed Itunes really knew what they are doing. DePauw recently gave me a new Mac Powerbook to use for the next four years or so (one of the great things about working for a university with a $500+ million endowment is preks like that). So here I sit, checking my email, and Johnny Cash pops into my head. There's the little Itunes icon at the bottom of the screen--click on it, search for Johnny Cash, and before I know it I've downloaded two albums. I'm listening to Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison. What amazing connection with an audience. Incredible.


Terry said...

Cello parts, although not common, seem to be popping up more in Country/Western. There's one musician in particular that has a lot of C/W cello credits, but I'm blanking on his name.

Cello and heartache just go together, don'tcha know?

Eric Edberg said...

You said it, Terry.