Thursday, June 08, 2006

Whew! Some time to write again.

Well, I took about a month off from blogging, didn't I?

There was the end of school crush, which coincided with the start of the summer concert series I organize and play on. Organzing the series, doing fund raising, writing press releases, desiging posters and programs, etc., is both time and energy consuming--especially at the start of the season.

The support for the series here in Greencastle, Indiana, which has a population of only eight or nine thousand people, has been wonderful. This is the series' second year. The number of contributers has more than doubled. We've been able to go from six to seven concerts, double the amount of the small honoraria we pay the performers, give a bit of gas money to those who come from Indianapolis and Bloomington (each about an hour away), etc.

Now that the start-up phase is done, I have some time to write. Most of the writing the last couple weeks has taken place in the Internet Cello Society web forums; Mike L nudged me in a thread to start blogging again.

There are many great things about getting the concert series going. One unexpected one for me is that I'm developing a new set of skills, ones that I think add a new dimension to my teaching, as well as to my personal/professional life.

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